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On January 31, 2002, my 91-year-old mother was admitted to the hospital emergency room with jaundice. Through testing it was discovered she had pancreatic tumors, i.e., cancer. The pancreas makes and regulates insulin in the body so she was now, undetected by us, also diabetic. Pancreatic cancer is known to be a horrendous disease, taking its victims lives usually in 90 to 120 days. Few survive a year.

Mother came home and we began our sojourn into the realm of cancer researching, to find someone who knew this disease to elicit information from. Finally, my cousin in California who had attended a seminar on cancer told us about a breakthrough treatment utilizing immune system enhancers to fight all types of cancer cells. We were sent a free booklet, followed by additional information via e-mail and phone calls to answer all our questions. We were referred to their website and through them we were put in touch with Dr. Edgar Guess and his wife, Michiko, of the Beverly Hills Wellness Center in California, who works with Transfer Factor Plus.

Dr. Guess has been instrumental in the follow-up of the CT scans and CBC work on Mother to track the cancer markers and her progress. Dr. Guess and Michiko have given so very much of their valuable time to us in Mother’s fight.

Under the care of Dr. Guess, Mother began taking the immune system enhancers to fight the cancer. The immediate detoxification of the kidneys and liver are essential to clear the way for the body to through off the dead cancer cells as they die off the tumors. Since she had the jaundice so severely, it was necessary for her to undergo a stringent regimen to produce fast results. It worked.

Transfer Factor Plus in combination with Coenzyme Q-10, Coral Calcium and Liver Support (detoxification product) are all that Mother is on today. She is pain- and side-effect free! She has had three CT scans two months apart since starting this regimen, with the results that the cancer has not spread to any other part of her body. It is, in fact, not even growing on the pancreas. The oncologist at Shands and our local MD are at a loss to know how we have done this, but they are willing to continue to support us as we progress on Mom’s path to wellness.

Our local physician is asking for information on the products, stating Mother’s case is very impressive and that the doctors are glad to see her alive and kicking!
April 16, 2003

I have known Dr. Guess for approximately ten years on both a business and a social level. I consider him one of my closest friends. When I got the very disturbing news that I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I called someone whose opinion I value greatly. This was Dr. Guess. He recommended Transfer Factor Plus and other supplements at therapeutic amounts for my condition. My PSA antigen was 9.6 at initiation of the regimen. After following Dr. Guess’ recommendations to the letter for three months, my repeat PSA antigen was 4.1. This is considered within normal range for my age. Subsequently I had a prostatectomy, and I am now cancer-free. I intend to continue with the Transfer Factor for the rest of my life. My wife is also taking Transfer Factor and has not had a cold or any other infections since she started taking it.

– Alan S.

We are also proud to work with many other physicians. This letter from one of Dr. Guess’ colleagues explains the benefits our approach to healthcare offers other physicians and their patients alike.

Dear Dr. Guess:
Thank you for introducing me to the Beverly Hills Wellness Center family. The techniques and training program you offer have made a great difference in my practice. The greatest enjoyment in being a physician is to see your patients benefit from your skills and training. Using the products and training received at your center, I have seen patients with liver conditions and abnormal laboratory values return to normal. Using these products, pneumonia and asthma are not the challenge that I have seen in the past. These are just a few of the conditions that have begun to present unusual and difficult challenges recently because of the mutation and alterations of the bacteria and viruses. The combination of traditional medical training with the marriage of alternative medical practices has placed me in the unique position of becoming what is known as an integrative medical physician. This has been a boon to my patients and practice. Again, thanks for the mentoring and teaching.

– William Anderson, MD