Our new address

Like our address. We’re moving to a new location. In the meantime follow us on twitter or like us on facebook for the latest updates. In the future, please visit us in West Los Angeles 11543 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310) 284-8891 (800) 311-9202 We’ll open our doors later this month

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Ebola Scare in California

Recent news reports is Ebola’s arrival in the US have us all a bit uneasy about what the future holds. Yesterday, CNN reported the disease claimed its first victim in Dallas and  confirmed reports of a case in Washington D.C. Though the disease is historically considered highly contagious, the CDC says you can only contract…

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An Update

We’ve currently moved our operation to 2727 W. Olympic Blvd suite 209. Some of you know that we continually analyze our business, looking for new ways to best serve you. We’ve heard from some of you that our previous locations–while nice–were sometimes difficult to get to in Los Angeles traffic. In response to your feedback we’ve…

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