Recent news reports is Ebola’s arrival in the US have us all a bit uneasy about what the future holds.

Yesterday, CNN reported the disease claimed its first victim in Dallas and  confirmed reports of a case in Washington D.C.

Though the disease is historically considered highly contagious, the CDC says you can only contract  the disease by having contact with the bodily fluids of someone infected with Ebola.

The likelihood of that happening for most us is probably very low, but it never hurts to be extra careful. We have long touted the benefits of Transfer Factor, the immune-boosting product from 4Life Research. It’s certainly not a cure, nor a vaccine but having your immune system in tip top form counts more now perhaps than ever. We’ll ship some to you, order here.

And of course be sure to take all the precautionary measures you can if you travel, take public transit, work in the medical field or handle waste. Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water and throughly clean and disinfect areas where waste products are disposed.

There probably isn’t much cause for alarm in Los Angeles, but you can’t be too careful. Order Transfer Factor here.



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